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Where does my pet sleep?
Sleeping areas are climate controlled, indoors, and utilize toddler beds and off-ground Kuranda beds. There are partially outdoor areas available for warmer-natured dogs.

What if my pet gets hurt or sick?
Our boarding agreement mandates that we will administer the best and most available care for your pet. In the event of an accident or illness, we will take your pet to the nearest available vet at owner's expense.

What protection do you have in place against such things as fire or disease?
Fire Protection at Vineyard Kennels is provided by Sentinel Security. In addition to our core building being made of cinder block and cement, we have sophisticated heat and smoke detectors in each paddock. The local fire station (less than 2 miles) is first on the list to be called, followed by kennel owner's cell (resides on property), followed by senior staff member's cell. We have fire extinguishers maintained by O'Brien Safety placed in each paddock area. We have also removed any flammable sources from the kennel, having converted all propane and gas appliances to electricity. All heaters are raised above the reach of dogs and there are no open flames in our facility.

Vineyard Kennels has added "Hotel Quality Water by Hague." Our raw well water is first softened. This protects our appliances and makes for skin conditioning luxurious baths. We also have added a high capacity water heater to make sure all baths and dish rinsing are at proper temperature. Next, the water is UV disinfected then Reverse Osmosis conditioned for a great, satisfying taste. This guarantees our water quality and consistency.

Can we tour your facility?
Yes, and we encourage it. Bring your pet, along with vaccination records, for a scheduled tour. This will make you more comfortable and greatly reduce the potential stress for your pet on its return overnight visit. Tours are free!

What vaccinations are required?
"Kennel Ready" vaccinations include:

-Rabies - every 3 years
-Parvo/Distemper (individual or combo) - every 1 to 3 years, depending on type of vaccination.
-Bordetella - every year, or depending on your vet's recommendation, every 6 months

(Please allow 10 days after having vaccinations before boarding with us. For boosters, just a 3 day wait is required.)

Does my pet sleep alone?
Yes, though you can can specify that housemates sleep together.

Do you have grooming available?
Yes, we have on-site wash and blow-dry with grooming by appointment.

Do we have to bring our own food?
No, but you may. We feed according to your prescription.

Will you give medications?
Yes, boarding at Vineyard Kennels includes comprehensive care and is tailored to each pet's needs.

DogsWill my pet get to excercise?
Yes, dogs spend about 80% of their day outside in runs, depending on the health of your pet, weather, and your requests. Recess times are made up of specific groups and include: co-mingled and social (soccer club or tea club), independent, and one on one. Dogs play at their own risk at the full responsibility of the owner.

Does my dog have to play outside all day?
No. Let us know if you have any special requests. We will tailor your dog's activity to your ideas and your pet's needs. For example, some dogs enjoy morning play but prefer to relax in the afternoon in their rooms.

How long have you been in business?
Vineyard Kennel has been owner operated since it's inception in 1997. Currently we have a core staff with a combined experience of over 40 years!

Do you board cats?
Unfortunately we are currently remodling our Cat Boarding Facility and are unable to take any cats this summer. We apolagize for any inconvenience this might cause. Please check back to see our progress!

Do you board puppies?
Yes, though a full shot series must be completed. Isolation areas also are available if needed.

Do you have day care?
Yes, day care includes the same recess opportunities as boarding. Daypass users have access to our Self-Service Corral. Self-Service Hours Are: 6am to 8pm

Do you have off-hour drop off or pick up?
Yes, we have just opened our new Self-Service Corral, designed to better accomodate your busy working schedule. The Self-Service area is not available to boarders at this time.

Can we bring in beds and toys?
Yes, but they are not required. We also can't guarantee that your items will make it back intact. Keep in mind that behavior can change in a boarding environment, and dogs chew! No tennis balls or other small toys, please.

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