Paso Robles Dog Boarding Pet Resort

Why Should You Bring Your Dog to Doggie Daycare?

Self Service Corral Hours:
6am-8am and 4pm-8pm.
**Please see kennel attendant if you arrive during normal business hours.

  • Is your dog lonely during the day?

  • Do they show signs of anxiety being left alone while you're at work?

  • Is your dog very hyperactive, even hard to train because he/she can't stop wiggling?

  • Does your dog enjoy getting to play with other dogs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Vineyard Kennels Doggie Daycare is just what your dog is begging you for! We give each dog individual care, if they would rather play, we set them up with buddies their size and energy level!

Our energetic big dogs play in a large, secured area where they run, dash, dodge, box, tackle each other, and get down and dirty! Clouds of dust fly everywhere as they chase frisbees, rope toys and each other! During the hotter months we keep a shallow pool filled with water, and they love it! We often catch them romping through the pool or splashing water at each other!

Our gentler big dogs have a separate large area where they are free to play and run about without being tackled by hyper, more dominant dogs. They too get a shallow swimming pool during the hotter months, and have been known to just climb in the water and lounge.

Small dogs have their own area, with objects to climb over and under, room to run around and chase each other, and plenty of shade to flop under when they get all tuckered out from playing.

We can also keep some dogs inside with our staff. Older dogs often like to roam around with us while we work. Shy dogs that aren't used to playing can stay away from the other dogs, but we will make sure to give them lots of attention. We cuddle them, play with them, and throw balls for them, until they are all wagging tails and happy panting!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Self Service Corral, designed to accomodate the busy working schedule as you will be customizing your exchanges at Vineyard Kennels, completely tailored to your schedules needs.

Rates and Fees:

There is a one time, non-refundable $5 fee for set up and orientation. Daycare charges are $15 per day. We realize that most working schedules carry on well after our normal hours of 8-4, so there is no additional charge for the Self Service Corral. Overnight boarders will be given the same opportunities for late pickup, and there is a $3 fee for this convenience. This is added to the afternoon fee of $12. This makes a total afternoon fee of $18.

Terms and Conditions:

The regular boarding agreement, along with the self service agreement, must both be kept on file. All regular boarding vaccinations also apply. A walk-through orientation must be complete. Please, ask questions if you have any.
All Self Service exchanges must be arranged for in advance, including drop-off and pick-up. DO NOT leave your dog unattended without a reservation.
When you call for a reservation, you will be asked to create a lock combination of your own. You will also be given a Pet Holder Number. The pet holders are clearly labeled. If you do not wish to create a combination, one will be issued to you. The lock you use remains the property of Vineyard Kennels. DO NOT remove the lock from the property for any reason. Once you have obtained your pet, close the lock on the pet holder.

**Self Service will be unavailable during holidays